Wheels and Tires

I knew I needed modular wheels to clear my rear suspension and front brakes. I needed 16x12-inch rear wheels with 2 inches of negative offset, and 16x7-inch front wheels with 1-1/2 inches positive offset. I selected Simmons wheels. These wheels were custom made to my specs and they fit the car perfectly. The clearance of the brake calipers in the front and of the rear control arms in the rear are both about 1/4-inch. These wheels are light!! They are 3-piece wheels with a forged center section. Simmons wheels are made in Australia.

Rear wheels with tires mounted. Tires are Goodyear Eagle racing rain tires with a relatively hard tread compound (for a racing tire) made for endurance racing for a much heavier car than this one. I probably never even make these tires hot on the street. I wanted a rear tire with roughly the same outside diameter as the stock tire. This was basically the widest tire of the correct type that I could find anywhere. Sizing for race tires is simple; this is a 23x12x16.

Inside view of rear wheel and tire

Front wheel and tire. Front tires are Kuhmo Ecsta size 205/40-16.

Inside view of front wheel

Rear wheels and tires

Front wheels and tires