Any car built from the ground up like this one requires a lot of development to be performed. If you can take your time as I have been doing, it's a fun process. I have selected the following basic path for development of this 510. Of course this is after the basic assurances that the steering, brakes, and so forth are at least operational.

  1. Engine - Get the engine to run reliably, smoothly, and cleanly while maintaining good oil pressure and water temperature.
  2. Brakes - Make sure the brakes have a reasonable front to rear balance. Make sure they work repeatedly with no fade, and make sure the pedal is firm.
  3. Handling - Adjust toe settings for high speed stability plus fast steering transition. Adjust sway bars for overall roll stiffness and for front/rear balance. Adjust shocks for desired stiffness. Adjust tire pressures.

Some of the unplanned things I have had to do along the way:

  1. Fix annoying rattles in tin work
  2. "Slow down" the throttle linkage to make the engine more controllable
  3. Troubleshoot and replace bad ignition coils