Read some of the unsolicited feedback that I have received on this car:

After looking through for a while, I came upon your link to the beautiful yellow 510 you built. I was stunned at the amount of attention you put into that car. In fact, now I am considering taking my car all back apart and start over again. I feel like I have neglected it too much...and just when I was beginning to feel good about it! All kidding aside, I just wanted to say congratulations on such a fine ride.

I am sure you get comment after comment about the excellence of your craftsmanship. I won't bore you with the same embellishment again. Haha.

I have looked at your website for the past year or so, you have done some excellent work on those 510's!! You should be considered "the master" in any datsun discussion.

Man oh man.....Boyd Coddington eat your heart out....I won't lie to you, I'm
a Custom Rodder type of my cars low and smooth....but after
seeing the PICS and story of your 'Yellow Fever".....think I'm gonna buy a
510...(I had one years ago, and I always liked them). Do you have any nice
PICS you could e-mail me....has there been any changes....and how much "mula"
do you have invested in her....would you sell her....
(how much)....just wanted to tell you that I have seen some of this nations
top hot rods...and I would put your 510 with all it's fine craftsmanship and
styling against any of them....I to agree with flares....just
wanted to write you and tell you that....tonight I was blown away!!! It was
your 510 Bro.....

I was just surfing and ran across your site. I must commend you on a beautiful 510. It must be a blast to drive. I miss my 240z. Anyways just thought you might like a compliment from a fellow fan of the old 510.

Your car is incredible, and to think its 1710.9 pounds, thats less then a Honda CRX... yet you are still pulling 350hp - talk about a bad ass street machine :) I was also looking to start a project like yours - im so sick and tired of seeing Hondas and Acuras on the street, and would like some advice. I've never owned a 510... but want to make sure I do some things right, rather then screwing up and wasting money...

I thought I was a pretty good fabricator until I saw your yellow 510. You really got that rotary WAY back in there!!! I am very curious about the induction system you're running. The rotary engine I'm using (1987 13B)appears to have way too much crap on top to fit that far back. Do I have to trash the EFI to get my engine that far back. I must know more. Please write me and give me the details.

Stumbled onto your website while looking at pictures of 510's. What a cool looking project. Nice work.

i was checking out your web page and let me tell you that you got it going on. I'm 16 and own a 71 510 and planing to put a13BT . your web site helped me out a lot THANKS A LOT.

Love yellow fever. Selling anytime soon?

Your car is fuckin crazy man that's all I got to say.

Bryan, just to say WOW!
It times like this I love the internet!
Your car (yellow fever) is incredible, everything a 'street machine' should be, loads of differing influences & styles applied with inconceivably clever engineering skills to make not only the ultimate 510, but possibly the ultimate street car! (except perhaps a Triumph Herald built to the same standards!)
You can stop blushing now, but thanks for building such a great car...don't let the MR2's sway you from the 510's!

Your car really inspires me. I have a soon to be Black '73 that I'm working on. I would really love a car like yours. But Im going to keep the L-series motor and some other street luxruy's for a daily driver. Ive been planning on shaving the following: bumpers, markers, emblems, and I was thinking about pillar vents, but wasnt sure what it was going to look like until I seen yours. It looks good along with smoothing the notch along the side. How did you do that? Bondo? And what kind of ground clearence do you have for street use? Nice car!

I have seen your web page and I was very impressed with your turbo rotary 510.

The yellow rotary 510 is amazing. Your attention to detail, motivation, and energy levels to accomplish a project like that is also, well amazing. I hope to purchase/modify a 510 soon. Thanks for the motivation!

Thanks for signing my guestbook. Its an honor having a 510 legend like yourself visit my humble website. I have visited yours quite a few times myself. I love that Yellow Fever 510, Revell should make a model of it!

The 510 in the picture is no way a stock dime, what are the details on the engine?

I was interested in finding out what kind of steering rack you fitted on your 510. If you'd be so kind to direct to the
manufacturer or distributor I'd appreciate it much. It looks like a very professional job you did on that 510. Thanks man.

Hi there
My name is Riyaadh for South Africa
I must say that your 510 looks very nice...

Saw your Site. Very nice Rotary 510!

I'm new to the world of 510's, so I've been checkin out all the websites i could find. Let me say yours is just about the sweetest one I've seen.

Your yellow fever 510 is the best and most racical I have ever seen! What has become of it? Do you still have it? And is it for sale.


It really is great to see such a fine example of a 510, purely inspirational!!!

I'm always amazed at the fantastic work you've done on your cars, especially Yellow Fever. That machine is a work of art. Has it ever been featured in a magazine?

Your car is incredable, and you have inspired me to do a rotory convertion in my 69 dime.

Your 510 is fantastic.

For quite some time I have been admiring your cars, especially this and "yellow fever" at any rate I have always wanted to know what the performance of this particular car was.

I just got done looking at your web site, and I can't believe my eyes! What an incredible piece of engineering! I see you are even more particular than I am. 12 years to build that car seems like light speed to me. You left NOTHING untouched, except for the basic body shape - I can appreciate that ;).
I must admit I am envious of your vision and design and execution talent. I was in total awe reading your site.

You should get in contact with some magazines so you can blow the doors off of every outher five ten in the world.

Your 510 is amazing!!!! That car is fantastic! i'm lost for words :-).
I came accross your site looking for info on simmons wheels, and lo and behold it came up with your site, Woah, that car is just awe inspiring!

After ruining four or five keyboards from looking at the Yellow Fever I have decided to build one myself!

1st of all id like to let you know.. im sure youve heard this many times but ..what a good job youve done with the yellow 510.. its the best built one ive seen.

love your 510 (yellow fever) with the jag suspension.

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Nice little ride there :)

Like most people, i was just looking around and i saw your yellow fever 510. Very nice. I hope you take pride in that car, i sure would.

Sweet mother of God! Your 510 is pure genius I only hope someday that I could come close to what you did.
Absolutely beautiful.

yo bryan, u did an awesome job with that dime man.

hi bryan, i stumbled onto your website and was simply amazed! the amount of work that has gone into your 510 is phenominal.i built a 510 in the early 80's that i thought was a breakthrough project,but, yours is nothing short of amazing. i'll bet the car is just a blast to drive.

I've been reading about your work and installs for years. I've gone through articles in issues of club zines, gone over copies of stuff friends have printed out, etc. But this is< the first time I've visited your site. I guess I've been vaguely aware of the intensity of the mods you do, but until now, not as impressed as I should have been.

Man what a ride!!! I just bought my first 510 (today). Your car is truely my inspiration. This is what we all DREAM of having! Man I just wish I had it....and you had better!!!!! Thanks alot for the inspiration.

Wow!!! Thats incredible. I had a similar design philosophy, and to see that philosophy made into reality is just amazing.

I build allot of roll cages for Camaro and Mustangs and thought I had it right for the 510 until I saw and read your page.


you have heard from me before, but i see you have a comments section for yellow feaver now, and i would like everyone to know how i feel about this car, i have dreams about this car. i have loved five tens my whole life and i must say you have created the best one by far that i have ever seen, the most super of super cars in the world, i cant evan emagine how much joy you must receave from driving yellow fever i am extreamly enveous. congradulations on making your dreams come true,

ps, if your ever in b.c and feel like takin me for a spin gimme a ring : )

Yellow fever is beautiful, when are you going to bring it out west to Shasta?

i have to say that you have done a very good job whit your car. i must say that your car is one of the best 510 i have ever seen.

Just saying i love you webpage, ive been a big fan of it for sometime now, i absolutely love "yellow fever"

That is one SICK car! The most beautiful 510 I have ever seen!

I recognized your name from twenty years ago in the old Rex Jennet "Five and Dime" days. I moved on to "respectable" cars, but now I'm getting ready to fulfill my HotRod 510 vision. "Yellow Fever" is certainly the high water mark.

Thanks for sharing your 510 with me.

I have yet to see a more jaw dropping paint and body job let alone any 510 that could touch this, I could only imagine what it would be like to see it in person someday, all I gotta say is it looked like a heck of a lot of work, An awesome job well done, I hope mine turns out have as good as yours! Gary P.

bryan, howe are ya, my name is Mohammed, firstly id like to congratualte you on inspirig me to biuld a 2 door 510 ( i live in australia) i cant stop looking at the car and looking at the craftsmen ship....!!..mind my french BUT ITS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!

....every person dat goes on the net i tell them to go to your website...i just cant stop looking at it...!! really inspires me....!!!


Your 510 truly must be the baddest 510 around. You seem to have a fair working knowledge of 510's.

dude, you do awesome work!!! your attention to detail seems to be an artform of the past. i would love to see yellow fever pasted on the front cover of road and track and/or car and driver. it is certainly worthy. excellent web page.

First of all I would like to congratulate you on building such an awesome car. Glad to see you decided on using Rotary Power to run that sweet maching.

I was wondering if you had any dyno and or quartmile times on any of your cars? Amazing work you do no not I hope I get that good.

I really like your car and I hope when I build one like yours you wont be upset.

dear Bryan, what an incredible 510! Your craftsmanship is excellent.

i'll be straight to the point, UNBELIEVEBALE PIECE OF WORKMANSHIP. I came across your site several months ago, and i just can't get enough of the car. I own a Mazda R100, now i'm going the full hog, 3/4 chassis, rollcage, coilover shocks, the works. But most of all what i loved was the bodywork, as tony said "Seemed like it was carved from one piece". ITS AWESOME and very inspiring. I hope to see some further updates in the near future. I need a dose of the 510 daily

Nothing as slick as your car


I have been surfing the web and came across your web site. fantastic attention to detail;
This site has shown me that any modifications any one does to a car now matter how tedious and time consuming and wanting to cut corners (AHH THAT WILL DO) only has to come back to your site to be re inspired!!!.

YELLOW FEVER is simply unreal. The level of detail defies words. I have been working on a rotary powered 72 dime and can only hope to come close to yours. Thanks for the inspiration.

hey i am only 15 years old and my dad brought me up loving datsun 510's. After seeing your YELLOW FEVER it changed my perspective on how muh attention to detail it takes to make such a beautiful car like this look the way it is. My dad is going to buy me a 510 when i'm 16 and i can only hope that it can turn out the way yours did.

alot of work but the results speak for themselves.

yellow fever is unreal.. i have never seen a more perfectly balanced street machine.. this car has loads of personality, and the quality of the build is impeccable. i would sell my soul for fab skills like yours. nice work!!

I saw you amazing 69 510

I'm very impressed with your 510, after reading your beliefs I understand why its so nice, glad there's others like me out there :D mine has a wankel also ;)

just wanted to drop a line and give credit where its due. You have the sweetest ride Ive ever seen.

I have been building cars for over 15 years and I take my hat off to you!!! You have done a Excellent job! ... I just finished building a WRX that was featured on the January and September cover of Turbo magazine and I know your car deserves the right to be on the cover.

i say that you say stuff about the F1's and say that yellow fever makes you speachless. it is awesome!


your 510 is awesome.

You have a pretty kick ass car.

First of all let me say I'm jealous. You've owned and built some SAWEET rides!! Yellow fever is simply amazing, I've never seen anything like that, especially so nicly done.

I'll straight up trade you my Datsun 510 (hatchback-1980) for you fine looking car:)

I've been into "Hotrods" and performance cars all of my life (45+years). All I can say are a friggin' GENIUS! It's inspiring to see someone with a true "gift" and knows how to use it.

Very nice car...VERY nice car. How much do you think it cost you to build a fantastic car?

Thought ide drop a line n tell ya your car is an inspiration in itself. What jag did you pull the rear suspension from if you dont mind me asking?

Doth my eyes deceive me? The greatest online
car-buildup i've ever seen is currently OFFLINE???
Whats the deal man? Gotta see that sweet thang again!

FAN - FLIPPIN' TASTIC. You are an absolute legend!

your car is a dream car, nice job.

dude, i have been working and modding cars for 5 years now, and all i can say is damn. you have seriously left me in awe of what one guy with a goal can do. i am seriously impressed. you have made this car with style, performance and consideration for just about every aspect that i can think of. you have allof my respect.

I am a certified Porsche technician and as such i am very used to seeing very well designed and function based cars. Your yellow fever 510 takes the cake. Hands down the nicest built car i have seen in some time. Ive drivin some very fast cars, but would do just about anything for a ride in yellow fever.

great site. and the yallow fever... what can i say.. it's heaven.
so you must be on helluva an automobile freak huh? good to know i
have company.

Came across your website a while ago and I can't stop going back. Yellow Fever is at once outrageous, yet restrained. Surely the pinnacle of modified 510's

First off, VERY awesome car! I've always liked 510's but never thought i'd own one. That car has inspired me to start my own 510 project.

Wow! 1710 pounds!

that is probably the nicest 510 ive ever seen. its so clean, no molding, door handles, no bumper...absolutely amazing.

I thought the blue one was way over the top till I saw the yellow one. Geeze.
The car is a great example of obsession. From a custom standpoint, it is amazing. Shaved drip rails, coupe conversion and that rear end work... stellar.


I am spellbound by the attention to detail that you put into the Yellow Fever, it shows in the finished product...Thanks for the inspiration

The new web site looks awesome. Yellow Fevor looks super. Congrats on that fantastic accomplishment.

I've always loved the 510....but what you did to yours is just....magic

Hi bryan I am a datsun 510 owner as well and man I like your ride I think that thing screams out creativity and man I think all the other hotrod guys and import freaks woould kill for a ride like that.

Your 510 is one of the most beautiful cars I have ever seen, it is functional and simple, yet mechanically so sophisticated.

Absolutly Beautiful !!!

people this is not a car this is a work of art

this is by far one of the baddest (if not the baddest) 510 i've ever know about

This car is a work of art and should go "on tour" or in a museum.

this is by far the best 510 out there period

I know you already have an abundance of compliments on in my opinion is the cleanest, most meticulously constructed 510 on the planet.

Very impressive build! My compliments on a nice job!

That is an awesome car!

just have to say good job Bryan , Ive been watching you build your dime for years and have showed it off to all my friends. wish mine was that nice.

Man that thing is mind blowing!

He let me just say that you've done a great job on you rotary 510, the craftsmanship and the attention to detail is just top notch.

Bryan, today I reread the Yellow Fever article for the umpteenth time. I'm pushing 62 years of age and back in 73' I bought my yellow 2 door Datsun 510 with a wood steering wheel and alloy wheels, both dealer installed options. I still ach to have back my 510. Kudos to you, your imagination and finished product.

E-mail me your comments on Yellow Fever and you might see them here soon!