The brakes on a car with this kind of power-to-weight ratio and performance potential obviously had to be good. For the front I selected Corvette aluminum calipers which are lightweight and strong. A large Nascar-style vented rotor was selected and custom aluminum adapters were made to attach the brake discs to the stock Datsun hubs. A steel bracket was required to attach the calipers to the struts. The rear uses the stock Jaguar inboard disc brakes, which are a good bit bigger than the original front brakes on the 510!

Various experimental rear calipers

Bare struts with custom caliper brackets

Assembled struts with vented rotors and custom aluminum adapters

Front brakes
Installed struts

Front brakesHere you can see what the brake rotors and calipers look like through the front wheels. The big discs really fill up the 16-inch wheels!

Installed brakes viewed from inside

Under-dash pedal bracket and master cylinders

Red powder coated pedal bracket, Tilton brake and clutch master cylinders

To help tune the brake balance, a racing pedal assembly with an adjustable bias bar was selected. A remote control allows adjustment while driving the car. An under-dash master cylinder assembly was selected to keep the appearance of the engine compartment as clean as possible. There is absolutely no sign of a braking system under the hood!