Software Projects

Representative past and present software projects

Full-featured user interface and extensive capabilities

Tightly integrated with low-level operating system functionality

Windowed user interface for DOS, Oakland C-scape for C++, 1988

Windowed user interface for DOS, Borland Turbo Vision for C++, 1994

Facility management software, Borland Object Windows Library for C++, 1998

In vitro diagnostic instrument software, 2007

Program to analyze Google Earth data files

Program to reposition tracks in Google Earth data files

File dating and naming utility

Commercial labeling system

Medical product manufacturing software

Medical test report analyzer

Stone Mountain Guide for Android

Speed-Wiz for Android includes ten separate apps

Car Advisor for Android

Funhouse Mirror for Android

Moire Geometric Patterns


GreatWall Guide for Android

Car Math Pro for Android

Traction Circle G-Force Meter

Speed-Wiz automotive analysis, design, and simulation software