1994 MR2

Aeroware Side Intakes

After installing the clear corner markers and the solid front moldings on my MR2 Turbo, the next body modification was the installation of Aeroware side intake panels. I got these from Jeff at Rebel Motorsports.

I thought that the first step would be to mark and drill the top holes in the panel. But when I tried the panels on the car, I found that they would not fit, so it was necessary to do a bit of trimming and grinding before I could mark the holes for drilling.

The panels came with no lower mounting provisions at all, so I fabricated some steel mounting brackets that use the stock mounting hardware and locations along the bottom of the panel. I used this technique to get the brackets installed in the correct positions: first, I installed the brackets in their normal positions on the car. Then, I placed a thin layer of epoxy cement on both the fiberglass panels and the mating surface of the brackets.  Next, I installed the side intake panels in position, allowing the panels to contact the brackets. I used some blocks to hold the panels against the brackets and allowed them to dry overnight. 

Next, I removed the panels and brackets in one piece as shown in the above picture.

I then added about six layers of thin fiberglass mat on each of these brackets for additional strength.

It took a lot of test fittings to get the panels to fit properly. The following modifications were required:

  1. Extensive grinding and filing on flanges so they would be thin enough to mount under the side molding without making it stick out too far.
  2. Some filing on vertical side flanges to make them fit the contours of the car.
  3. Grinding on the top inside edge of the scoop inlet for clearance.
  4. Extensive block sanding on the outside to make them smooth.

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