Turbo L28 Datsun 510

I bought my first 510 ever back in 1982. It was a 1972 4-door in excellent condition, the mileage was really low, and the price was very good.


Because I was currently working with turbocharged Z-cars, and they were so incredibly powerful, I decided to install a turbocharged 280ZX engine in my 510. The engine made about 350 HP and 350 lbs-feet of torque. It featured a Roto-Master T04B turbo, a 3-1/2-inch exhaust, a Holley 650 double pumper, and a Turbonetics wastegate with adjustable boost. Aeroquip brake, fuel, oil, and water lines were utilized.

I built a roll cage and frame bracing, making the chassis much more rigid. Carrera coil-over suspension with custom anti-roll bars was utilized on the front and the rear. Also a slotted rear subframe with enlarged exhaust hole, adjustable tension rods, 15-inch Panasport wheels and 280ZX brakes.

I completely re-wired the entire car. The interior featured a Momo steering wheel, a custom dash, and a tunnel - mounted hand brake.

Here it is next to the race car that would become my turbo rotary Yellow Fever 510.

Transmission crossmember

The drivetrain consisted of a Tilton clutch, a 280ZX 5-speed, an R180 3.90 limited slip differential, and heavy-duty U-joints.

The car was more or less completed in 1984 and was on the cover of the second issue of Auto-X magazine (now Grassroots Motorsports). I drove the car from then until about 1991 when the electronic ignition died. At that point I was primarily driving my rotary 510 so I just parked the blue one in the garage.

SOLD - This car was sold in 1997. I was sad to see it go, for I had had a lot of fun in it for the first few years after it was completed.

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